SSC Tuatara

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The Tuatara's speed is evident, even when parked. At 0mph, the butterfly doors and carbon fiber monocoque create an intense presence. The obvious aerodynamic qualities and jaw-dropping V8 Twin Turbo engine entice adrenaline seeking drivers and curious onlookers alike. At top speeds rear static winglets, side mounted buttresses, forward static wing, and a rear active wing manipulate the smooth flowing air to distribute precision down force and balance at all speeds. With the lowest coefficient of drag in its class, the SSC Tuatara also diverts airflow into the intake to cool the powerful drive train. The intimidating beauty of the Tuatara is unmistakably functional for maximum speed.


It is no coincidence that the Tuatara broke the world record for the world's fastest production car at JBPG in Kennedy Space Center. The Tuatara was influenced by fighter jet aerodynamics. Setting a new world record, with an average two-way speed of 282.9 mph over 2.3 miles, the Tuatara broke the standing record of 278mph. This is all thanks to the twin-turbo V8 engine that was built from the ground up exclusively for the Tuatara. The driver can choose from three modes. Sport Mode is intended for drivability. Track Mode engages the geometry of the suspension and is adjusted to offer extreme track-level handling while lowering the front ride height to 2.74″ and the rear height to 3.25″. Lift Mode for convenience and comfort driving.


The virtually transparent cockpit envelopes the driver and passenger, creating a sense of one with the road. The heart palpitating speed of the Tuatara awakens all of the senses. Driver commands are instantaneous with the CIMA Robotized Manual 7 speed transmission and Automac AMT sub-100 Millisecond shifting. The clutch and gear selection actuation are electrically operated, providing high precision and strategic operation. Critical driving and vehicle information are displayed on an HMI digital driver display and central touch-screen information console. SSC Tuatara drivers can enjoy every luxury at the tip of their fingers at any speed.
Type Mid-Engine SSV V8
Drivetrain Configuration CIMA 7 Speed Robotized Manual
Maximum Power 1750hp [E85]
Coefficient of Drag 0.279 CD
Shift Speed Sub-100 Millisecond
Modes Sport, Track, Lift
Maximum Revs per Minute 8800rpm
Compression Ratio 8.80:1
Maximum Speed 282.9mph
0 - 100 km/h  
0 - 200 km/h  
Tyres and Rims
Front 245/35YR20
Rear 345/30YR20
Front Winter  
Rear Winter  
Type CIMA 7 Speed Robotized Manual
Fuel Consumption
Combined -
CO2 Emissions
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length 182.4 inches
Overall Width 81.3 inches
Height 42.0 inches
Wheelbase 105.2 inches
Dry Weight 2750 lbs
Kerb Weight -
Frontal Area 18 sq ft
Driver Display Digital HMI
System Managment Touch Screen Console